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Got a reviewer copy of this book? (if the isbn on your copy has 14 digits rather than 13, you do)

This page lists corrections made to Fixing Broken Robots subsequently:

In 'Psychological Basics' on (numbered) page 55, the item "Positional Power Cognition Effects" should read - Occupying a position of relative power enhances both analytic cognition and selfishness, while occupying a position of relative powerlessness enhances empathy, obedience, and overconsumption. [8-11]

The last sentence of (numbered) page 59, paragraph 5 should read: While networks (the +N) are emerging to challenge the dominance of markets, it remains the market (M) structure that most thoroughly represses the biological function of our population and then channels the motivation generated by such repression into activities that serve the interests of economic actors.

The last sentence of the first complete paragraph on (numbered) page 63 should read: Our shift from 'organic solidarity' into a +N world is effecting this manner of significant changes in our shared consciousness to the extent that this consciousness is mediated by our shared environs.

The first sentence on (numbered) page 73 should read: The world is made of people: of past and present lives encoded in the rearrangements of matter intermingled with our passing.

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