Censored: A Minneapolis arts experiment

I hung a small show at the Loring Park Dunn Bros in Minneapolis at the beginning of January.  The next day, I received this courteous and professional email:

"Thanks so much for installing your art here! Unfortunately there was a topic we didn't discuss - nudes! I know it's perfectly normal and beautiful in the art world, but the management here prefers to stay away from nudity because of the family friendly nature of a coffee shop. I'm so sorry! We took down four of the paintings and they are in our locked storage area - you're welcome to stop by and pick them up anytime, and if you're able, replace the spots with other work. Again sorry to be all censor-y on ya, I do wish we had more leeway."
Okay. No problem. Nudity isn't family friendly here. And cultural norms are important. Or something.

 Just for fun, I decided to make some censorship fig leaves, cover the offending areas with these, and rehang the show. Want to see how it turned out? 

Stop by anytime before 3 March, 2014 to see for yourself!!!

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